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N405 Crane/Lift Supervisor

This course will enable you to undertake the duties of a crane supervisor as defined by the appointed person.

You will learn how to comply with legislation, regulations, Codes of Practice and industrial requirements.

Course Summary

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as a crane / lift supervisor

  • Explain the importance of locating and identifying different types of lifting equipment and lifting accessories. Explain their basic construction, uses, applications and functions

  • Demonstrate how to interpret and extract information on all relevant documentation

  • Explain and demonstrate diverse types of communication methods used for lifting purposes

  • Explain procedures for placing non-serviceable items out-of-service

  • Explain the function and use of the RCIs and anti-collision systems and use the information provided

  • Explain setting up, erection, levelling and dismantling requirements for diverse types of lifting equipment and lifts

  • Set up exclusion zone explaining actions required for emergency actions and identify overhead hazards

  • Identify potential hazards and unsafe lifting practices using different lifting scenarios

  • Explain the importance of checking the security of various types of loads and lifting accessories, explain the procedures ensuring load balance and integrity

  • Supervise the movement of loads to different types of locations using different methods of communication

  • Explain all Environmental considerations and explain how factors such as the external area to the lift zone can affect the planning of the lifting operation

  • Carry out all out-of –service and securing procedure


Course Duration

1-3 Days depending on experience or whether test only.



Our construction plant courses can be delivered with either NPORS or our own in-house accreditation. On successful completion of the course candidates will therefore receive certification per their preference. 

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